How to choose right grinding wheels

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In modern industry, grinding wheels are the essential abrasive tools. In spite of the accuracy of your machine, and even you buy the most famous brand in the world, if the grinding wheel you choose is not right, you cannot get the best grinding effect. So, it is so important to make right choice for grinding wheels. A particular grinding wheel is not all-purpose. Grinding wheels of different materials have different character. Firstly, you must understand the grade of steel so as to choose correct abrasive material of grinding wheel. Then, by requirements of your machine, technology, and the HRC hardness of steel to grind, you can determine the grit, hardness and structure of the grinding wheel. Only if you make such correct choice, you can get the best grinding effect. And the accuracy of your work piece can be improved. You’ll be more productive and the cost is lowered. This makes your product more competitive. Our professional engineers and technicians can help you to make right choice of grinding wheels and would be always ready to offer right solution to your questions on grinding.

Roughly, there are more than 100,000 specifications of grinding wheels on worldwide markets. In order to avoid any mistake of ordering, here are the general marks of the specification:


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